Roof and Wall Panels

Roof and Wall Panels

Single Skin Panels

 The panels used in the construction of DASHPROJECTS Pre-Engineered Buildings are composed of the following:

  • Base metal of either Galvalume coated steel conforming to ASTM A 792M Grade 345B or aluminum conforming to ASTM B 209M Alloy 3003 Temper H26. Galvalume coating is 55% Aluminum and about 45% Zinc by weight.
  • An exterior surface coating on painted panels of 25 microns of epoxy primer with a highly durable polyester finish.
  • An interior surface coating on painted panels of 12 microns of epoxy primer and modified polyester or foam spec.

Minimum Yield Strength is 34.5 kN/cm2


  • Type "G" Profile (Mezzanine Deck Panel)

This deep-ribbed type "G" panel is the standard DASHPROJECTS deck panel for mezzanines and floor systems. Although exceptionally strong, this panel is used as shuttering for mezzanine reinforced concrete floors and panel is not a substitute for the reinforcement of mezzanine concrete slabs.

The type "G" panel is available only (unpainted) in 0.7 mm pre-galvanized coating over steel conforming to ASTM A653M SS Grade 550: Coating Z180.

All dimensions are in millimeters.

Application - Mezzanine Decks

  •  Type "R" Profile
  •  Type "S" Profile (Roof Panel)

Insulated Panels

Liner panels have one metal skin surface with polystyrene foam board adhered to it for better insulation. In the past 20 years, end-users, contractors and consultants have become increasingly aware of the losses associated with thermal transmission.

The outer and inner metal skins of Insulated Panels conform to the same specifications as the single skin painted panels described above. In addition, Insulated Panels have a factory injected polyurethane core. Thermal transmission data can be found in the DASHPROJECTS Technical Manual on Pre-Engineered Buildings.

Insulation of various types is now used in all types of buildings. DASHPROJECTS was one of the first companies to introduce polyurethane sandwich panels in the Middle-East. Polyurethane has been recognized as the most resistant material to heat transmission.

  • Ex & Dx Liner Panel
  • Temparch Wall Panel
  • Tempcon Roof & Wall Panel
  • Tempseam Roof Panel

Salient features


  • Excellent thermal insulating properties
  • Cost-efficient processing
  • Chemical and biological resistance
  • Light weight and durable
  • Fast and easy to install
  • Nice aesthetic features
  • High intensity and large rigidity
  • Non-water absorbent
  • Cold and heat resistance
  • Dimensional stability
  • Environment friendly
  • Factories
  • Commercial showrooms and offices
  • Warehouses
  • Distribution Centers
  • Aircraft Hangers and enclosed Sports Facilities
  • Restaurants and Schools
  • Airport Terminals
  • Museums and Theaters
  • Shopping Malls and Supermarkets/Hypermarkets
  • Interior wall Partitions


Panel Accessories

Eave gutters, downspouts, curved eaves, wall flashings and trims are produced from the same material (base metal, thickness, substrate coating, paint finish and color) as the wall panels of the building.

Ridge panels and roof related accessories are produced from the same materials as roof panels.